Film Making

Through photography I have started to do a small amount of film making. Initially working with James Robinson who is a much better and professional film maker and editor, working with James on Furious Cycling as a camera man , driver, writer , prop designer and some acting. this film was fairly successful with around 30,000 views on Vimeo. and is a spoof road cycling comedy.  See link below :


furious cycling

Furious Cycling

My most recent film is 1/2 Boulder – the Breck, this film tells the story of 1 legged boulderer Phill Mitchell, and his struggle and completion of a certain bouldering problem. A more serious short film than Furious Cycling and this time working entirely on my own.  See link below :

1/2 Boulder- The Breck

1/2 Boulder- The Breck

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